Re: [Evolution] line wrap in html preview

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On Tue, 2013-10-15 at 11:04 +0200, Rudy van Eijsden wrote:
What happens is indeed that the text is displayed on one long line,
where a scroll-bar appears at the bottom.
I would like it indeed to wrap a the edge of the window, regardless of
the windows-size.

I've just sent an HTML email to myself with very long lines and it wraps
at the window edge as you would expect.

I think in plain-text mails it is a hard-warp, while in the html-wrap
that I would prefer, it would be a soft-wrap.

Display of plain text emails follows exactly the content of the message,
without any imposed wrapping.  Composing plain text emails wraps at 72
char, except if you use "preformatted" style.

What I think you might be seeing is that there is something in the HTML
email that is stretching the container - it might be a preformatted
section or a wide in-line image.  In a "simple" HTML message it is the
same container, and hence the same width, for everything, so even normal
text will flow to the full extent of the (now wide) container.


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