Re: [Evolution] attachments issue

Am Donnerstag, den 16.05.2013, 23:00 +0100 schrieb Pete Biggs: 

I seem to remember a recent thread on just this topic. To recap what I
said then: your mail system may be happy with large attachments, but you
can't assume that every relay in the path to any random destination is
equally happy.

Why should they care ? Your mail doesn't come there at a stretch anyway.
Or does packet switching need a lull from time to time ;-)

No, it's because email is a "store and forward" protocol.  So every
mail relay in the path from your machine to the destination mail box
must be able to handle the whole of the message.  My mail machines are
set to reject messages over 10Mb - I know some relays that are set to

... and the carriers communicate this to their users and those to their
contactors - so everyone is to be informed, what message size must not
be exceeded - if you don't want it back ;-)

But there are no alien relays in a mails path, so every involved person
knows what is allowed by that "closed system" ? Any other "random
destination" should be only packet switching (situation in Europe) ...

And I trust that a smart relay server looks up message sizes and drop
all exceeding his limit before reassembling them ...

No problems with spacious mails here ...
Thomas Prost <thomas prost prosts info>

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