[Evolution] how to start over

I installed and started evolution.
After messing up my first e-mail account,
I tried to fix it, but couldn't find any way to change it.
I tried to start over with rm -r ~/.evolution ,
but that did not work either.
Somewhere it found the information to recreate ~/.evolution .
I've got an evolution folder/identity/whatever with
the right name that doesn't work. It's inert.

How do I start over?

I'm trying to connect to a cableone.net account.

I've used evolution before, but it was a long drawn out struggle.
All I really remember is the blood.

Michael   hennebry web cs ndsu NoDak edu
"On Monday, I'm gonna have to tell my kindergarten class,
whom I teach not to run with scissors,
that my fiance ran me through with a broadsword."  --  Lily

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