Re: [Evolution] Just exactly how do folders at a remote server appear in evolution?

I encountered the following problem.  I have a directory in Mail with
many subdirectories and files in it.  I had to subscribe to them
individually.   Is there any way to subscribe to everything in such a
directory in one step?

As others have said, uncheck the "show only subscribed folders" - that
will then show all the folders (and subfolders) in your mailstore.  It
doesn't "subscribe" to them, it just shows them without having to

In anycase, subscribing to a mail folder is just a tick box and you can
do multiple subscriptions in one go - you just have to do lots of
clicking, and unless you've got hundreds or thousands of them, it won't
take long.  At least you only have to do it once.

Another thing you can look at is that some (all?) IMAP servers maintain
the list of subscribed folders on the server - it may be possible to
deal directly with that file and effectively force the client to be
subscribed to certain folders.  But this is very much dependent on the
particular IMAP server and you play with this sort of thing at your own
risk. (i.e. make backups, if possible don't use a live account, test
things using a sandbox account etc. etc.)

   Is it possible to subscribe to something not in
the Mail directory?

Probably not.  The IMAP server will be setup to only present the files
in a certain directory to the client and the client should not be able
to break out of that.  Besides, the IMAP server will only understand
mail files/folders, it can't serve just any file to the client (since it
works on messages, so it has to understand what constitutes a message
within the file) - if you have mail messages elsewhere in your home
directory, then you can do a number of things: move the files on the
server into ~/Mail; or make symbolic links within ~/Mail to the other
files; or, if the rest of the files are in one place, ask your admin to
add another location to your account setup.


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