[Evolution] SMTP Password changes

Dear List,

I am using Evolution 3.6.2 on Ubuntu 12.10.

May I went my frustration at the difficulties I have found changing my
SMTP password? 

I have a bunch of accounts and on some of these I need to change my
password with some level of frequency - not due to my choice. 

Once the password on the server is changed SMTP simply fails. No offer
of "Please provide a new password" or anything. 

After much searching I found that I can access the passwords via
Seahorse. Not in the Evolution documentation, but somewhere in some

But even there it is impossible to know which password belongs to which
account. Keys are imaginatively named like

<long meaningless number>@<my laptop's hostname>

So, I end up deleting all keys which _could_ contain my actual SMTP
password and then send test messages through all accounts to reenter the
passwords (old for the non-changing accounts, new for the new one). 

To be honest this is not terribly good. 


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