Re: [Evolution] Just exactly how do folders at a remote server appear in evolution?

On Tue, 2013-04-30 at 15:56 -0500, Leonard Evens wrote:
On Tue, 2013-04-30 at 22:19 +0200, Milan Crha wrote:
it's better to start a completely new thread when starting a new issue,
not to reply to existing message and delete everything in it. (The rest
is inline below).

Sorry, I didn't know there was a difference.  I will do what you say in
the future.

The difference is that messages in a single thread are implicitly linked
via certain headers which you don't normally see (unless you choose to
visualize them). These headers are completely independent of the message
subject, and many clients, including Evo, rely on this information to
present the thread as a set of nested messages and replies. When you
simply change the Subject line you aren't disconnecting your reply from
the thread, so it may be presented in the wrong place to the person
reading it.

On Tue, 2013-04-30 at 13:14 -0500, Leonard Evens wrote:
It seems that folders in my home directory on the server in the
directory Mail appear in evolution on my home machine.   But I think I
have to click on the title of the server, choose manage subscriptions,
and subscribe to what I want to appear.  

I suppose you connect to your server with IMAP, then go to
Edit->Preferences->Mail Accounts->IMAP account->Edit->Receiving Options,
uncheck "Show only subscribed folders", then you might see also
unsubscribed folders. You might need to restart evolution after such
account change.

I'm not sure how that helps me subscribe to a whole directory without
subscribing to its components.  If I right click on the server title and
choose manage subscriptions,  I can see all the files available in the
Mail directory on the server, so that is not a problem,

I suspect you're confusing the access to a remote directory with the
access to a mailstore. Access to a mailstore (such as with IMAP) is an
abstraction that only shows the messages and folders you are subscribed
to. It may or may not be implemented as a set of directories and files
on the server, but that is entirely irrelevant to how a mail client such
as Evo sees it.


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