Re: [Evolution] Reply To Mail Closes Automatically Original Message

For this particular key I recently replaced the free-form string value
with a set of choices - and have been doing so for other similar keys -
to try and make dconf tweaking even more foolproof.

Thanks Matthew for changing to a set of choices. I would not have
known which value to put there.

In dconf-editor there is an information panel at the bottom when you
highlight the key - this tells you what you can put there:

        Possible values are: 'never' - to never close browser window,
        'always' - to always close browser window or 'ask' - (or any
        other value) will ask user.
There's also a section telling you what the default value should be
(which is what you originally asked for), and a button labelled "Set to

But I suppose restricting the key to a set of choices is more foolproof.


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