Re: [Evolution] Reply To Mail Closes Automatically Original Message

shortly after I started using Evolution as my standard mail client, I
got asked whether I wanted to have the original message automatically
closed when clicking on the reply button, to which I agreed. At the time
I found this useful, not anymore. How do I change that back to the
default setting, that is, the original message does not get closed? I
looked everywhere under EDIT > PREFERENCES but could find anything.

Could someone please guide me to the place I'm apparently too blind to
find on my own?

I don't think there's a place in the preferences to change that.  If you
desperately need to change it, use dconf-editor and navigate to
org.gnome.evolution.mail and change "prompt-on-reply-close-browser" from
"always" to "ask" (which is the default).

You should probably close down evolution completely before doing this,
and don't be tempted to randomly change other keys in dconf unless you
really, really know what you are doing.


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