Re: [Evolution] expression search / complex search phrase

Am Donnerstag, den 13.06.2013, 18:22 +0400 schrieb Emre Erenoglu:
Jun 13, 2013; 5:13am — by  Thomas Mittelstaedt

Why don't you use filters to filter your many emails in your huge INBOX,
assigning tags (labels) to them, moving them into different folders and
so on.
You find that under Edit->message Filters in the main menu.

Thanks Thomas for your proposal as well. Indeed, this type of working
is suitable for many people and some of my team are doing like this.
However, each deal with let's say around 10-20 proposals a year.

As of now, we've already made 100+ proposals, it will easily exceed
200+ by end of the year. One of them that we are about to sign a
contract has 942 messages including the ones in my archive. Making
~200+ folders per year is not sustainable and categorizing mails into
folders also take time if filters don't work (not everybody make a
proper subject line unfortunately).

That's why I've chosen not to use folders at all and I depend solely
on filter/search as I need it through the a daywork. It served me well

Well, at least, move them out of the INBOX folder. I had some trouble in
the past with mails in those special folders like INBOX, OUTBOX, DRAFTS.
If you don't want to organize your mail into many folders, use labels,
as I mentioned in my last post. And you can organize the filters in a
cascading way until they are moved somewhere. That means you can set a
label <tag_a> based on one criteria in filter <A> and build a filter <B>
that uses <tag_a> as the criterion to assign another label or not.
And then you can build search folders, based on the results of that
Pretty powerful. Just play around with it a little before punting.

(And by the way, if you know how to work with an sqlite database,
you can inspect the mail databases folders.db directly.)


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