Re: [Evolution] expression search / complex search phrase

On Wed, Jun 12, 2013 at 12:48 PM, Emre Erenoglu <erenoglu hotmail com> wrote:

I generally have 1500-2000 emails in my inbox before I archive them,
and as part of my daily email activity at work, I depend a lot on
email search.

I'm using Thunderbird & Outlook, what I do in Thunderbird is using the
GmailUI/ExpressionSearch add-on. With this add-on, I can do searches
from:some_guy to:other_guy subject:topic1
and see only mails from some_guy sent to or cc other_guy under the
subject topic1.

some other time, I'm just using from:name subject:topic2 to search for
specific email subject coming from a specific person.

At the moment, evolution does not let me do this and forces me to
choose from a drop-down list with limited choice.

Is there some way to write such complex search phrase?

Note that it becomes much more critical when I do searches on my
localhost imap archive server, containing 15 to 25k messages per year.


From: Reid Thompson <Reid Thompson ateb com>
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2013 12:06:58 +0000

Top menu,select search, advanced search, add whatever conditions you
wish.  If it's a search that you do often, then name it and save it for
later re-use.

Thanks Reid for your comment. So do I understand that this feature is
not supported yet and there's no such search possibility?  In this
case, maybe I shall put a bug report and ask for this feature?

Regarding your workaround, my work includes dealing with few hundred
people on a very large geopgraphic region with too many separate
topics (I'm working as a proposals director). making a specific saved
search does not seem possible due to the different search patterns I
use daily. I would end up with at least tens of them but still can't
address all as new ones will be added as we have new proposals to make
The addon in Thunderbird is working very nice and quick for this function.


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