Re: [Evolution] expression search / complex search phrase

On Wed, Jun 12, 2013 at 11:41 PM, Bart
<montana_evolution_user hardinmt us> wrote:
I wonder about your answer.  The search function, as it was described by
Reid Thompson, seems very flexible.  You can use just one condition, or
add as many as you may need. If you think you may need to use the same
search criteria again, you can name and save it.  If not, just use it
the one time and discard it when it is finished.

Although I think I understand your situation, I guess I don't quite
understand your problem.  Could you elaborate?

My problem is in fact simple. The search function in Evolution in
itself is very good. But it is very slow to use and requires too many
mouse clicks and keyboard entries, hopping between fields & choosing
criteria & phrase. When you have to use it too many times, it is a
burden on time. Saving each search is also not an option as there are
too many possible combinations of searches I do daily.

If I could put that whole search criteria into the search/filter bar
on top of the message list, and see the result in the message list, it
would solve my problem.
using keyboard and putting your criteria is much faster:
from:emre to:bart subject:search  withattachment:yes or even shorter:
f:emre t:bart s:search wa:yes
and you'll see all mail from me to you with subject containing
"search" and which contains attachments.

Gmail uses the same mechanism as well as the GmailUI/Expressionsearch
add-on of Thunderbird.

This may also help to explain myself better:


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