[Evolution] expression search / complex search phrase


I generally have 1500-2000 emails in my inbox before I archive them,
and as part of my daily email activity at work, I depend a lot on
email search.

I'm using Thunderbird & Outlook, what I do in Thunderbird is using the
GmailUI/ExpressionSearch add-on. With this add-on, I can do searches
from:some_guy to:other_guy subject:topic1
and see only mails from some_guy sent to or cc other_guy under the
subject topic1.

some other time, I'm just using from:name subject:topic2 to search for
specific email subject coming from a specific person.

At the moment, evolution does not let me do this and forces me to
choose from a drop-down list with limited choice.

Is there some way to write such complex search phrase?

Note that it becomes much more critical when I do searches on my
localhost imap archive server, containing 15 to 25k messages per year.


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