Re: [Evolution] Evo HTML: spacing issues with boldface

Hi :)
"Full of vulnerabilities" is a relative term.  It's obviously not as vulnerable as DVL (which was designed to be as vulnerable as possible to be used as a teaching tool) or Windows. 

Still it is better to get a more recent version.  I usually recommend the "LTS"es, such as Ubuntu 12.04 LTS or maybe wait for the 14.04 LTS.  However the 14.04 is not due to be released until 2014 at the end of April (the 04th month).  So, really the 12.04 is the best. 

LTS means "Long term support" and that now means 5years support!  So you wouldn't need to upgrade again until 2017!  Most of my machines on 12.04 will probably be upgraded to the 14.04 and then the 16.04 but i might skip the 14.04 on some of them. 

However, you might need to or want to upgrade Evolution and some other programs in between Ubuntu upgrades.  LibreOffice has a whole new branch every 6months although that is mostly due to increasing functionality so you don't really need to keep up with them.  Similarly with Evolution, it develops quite quickly too.  How often you need to (or want to) upgrade mostly depends on how much you use a program and how keen you are to get the latest new features.  Security being less of an issue in Gnu&Linux's such as Ubuntu.  Although in Evo's case (and your web-browser's) it probably is good to stay reasonably up-to-date. 
Regards from
Tom :) 


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