[Evolution] Evo HTML: spacing issues with boldface

I am using Evolution 2.26.1. When I prepare an email in HTML and the
letter has headings which I put in bold, then when the email is posted,
the lines of text which follow the headings are spaced twice as far
below the headings as what I had set the spacing. (And the same often
happens between paragraphs: the spacing between them gets doubled when I
send the mail out.) So to get around this problem I started putting the
headings directly on top of the text which follows i.e. with no space
separating them. And then when the mail goes out, it doubles the space
and looks normal. But playing such games to get it right is
inconvenient, and in certain unpredictable conditions I found also that
it doesn't double the spacing. What is the solution to this spacing
issue in HTML with evo?


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