Re: [Evolution] Evolution and sync with carddav server

On Wed, 2012-03-28 at 19:45 +0200, Dennis Herber wrote:
I suppose you connect to your CardDAV server with WebDAV addressbook, do
you? The problem is...

Well, if my problem is somehow related to the setup I'm using, ask me.
I would really help to get this fixed somehow. If this means that
somebody eg wants to test this functionality, I am willing to add a
test account on my Max OS box, if this helps.

that was meant as kind of joke, "The problem is..." was just a cut of my
paragraph with test request which I figured was pointless, because the
evolution webdav code does remove uid and rev before passing it to the
server. Just as you said. And I agree we should fix this on evolution's
Wait, now, I'm confused a bit: Is referring to this
bug? I'm not sure about this. And: Is it correct that Evolution is not
correctly following these specifications? Just to make this sure.

The bug is a generic bug about CardDAV support for evolution. And it's
not done yet, but when it'll be, then your issue should be fixed too. I
gave here the bug link to have a reference to bugzilla for your issue.
Any future work would be done there, rather than on this list. If you
are willing to test possible patches (it will require to build
evolution-data-server), then it'll be helpful.

I hope I'm more clear with my reply this time.

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