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tgralke gmx de wrote:
> after new installation evolution didn't recover
>old data from backuped folders.
>Created "*.tar.gz"-files didn't work.

I've puzzled by how often the where-is-my-data question comes up.  People  - STOP SNEAKING AROUND UNDER AND BEHIND YOUR APPLICATIONS.  Just let the applications do it.

Adam Tauno Williams

For my money, I'd like to see the Help-->About  and similar descriptions include some
mention of where the app stores its data.  Maybe not the whole "yellow  brick road"
but at least a mention of where to find the first few bricks.

In defense of "going behind the app" I confess that a major motivation for using linux
lies in having access to the data mostly in the clear rather than hidden in some "registry"
or stuck with where the app developers decided it belongs because they know best.
As it is, things keep changing so rapidly that it is nearly impossible to stay aware of
what the conventions are.  $HOME/dot-something  files  and $HOME/dot-something.d
folders were fine for decades as the convention for where "applications" kept their details.
Now it seems that the details are being made subordinate to the desktop environment
according to some awful logic.

~~~ 8d;-/  Dan

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