Re: [Evolution] evolution is not reliable

I've puzzled by how often the where-is-my-data question comes up.
Just let the applications do it.
For my money, I'd like to see the Help-->About  and similar
descriptions include some
In defense of "going behind the app" I confess that a major motivation
for using linux lies in having access to the data mostly in the clear

I disagree.  This isn't an advantage over other platforms;  I don't see
my data in Windows or LINUX to be any more or less hidden than the

IMNSHO accessing data through any method other than the appropriate API
is bad.  And since those APIs are available via D-Bus you can do so from
just about any language or toolkit.

rather than hidden in some "registry"

A "registry" is the complete *opposite* of hiding data.  It is making
configuration data visible and manageable.  Without a "registry" is when
you have no idea where it is, what directives are available, or what the
possible/legal values are.

As it is, things keep changing so rapidly that it is nearly impossible
to stay aware of
what the conventions are.  $HOME/dot-something  files  and

It is just following the published XDG specification.

folders were fine for decades as the convention for where
"applications" kept their details.

They weren't fine, they were an unmanageable mess.

Now it seems that the details are being made subordinate to the
desktop environment according to some awful logic.

They are being made subordinate to the Open XDG specification.

System & Network Administrator [ LPI & NCLA ]
OpenGroupware Developer <>
Adam Tauno Williams

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