Re: [Evolution] evolution is not reliable

Could you perhaps create a shell-script that would does that 
automatically and would help
any other people with same problem ?

Not really possible

1 - The actions require running Evolution manually and selecting menu
items - not exactly easily scriptable

2 - The script would require exact knowledge of where and how you have
'backed up' things.

3 - The script needs to run as root some of the time - you really,
really should not trust any script that needs to run as root without
knowing exactly what it does.

4 - It's Sunday 

Guess you would be a hero if this script would work from scratch !

I'm definitely no hero ...

But i guess I'm too lazy to follow your advise...

So do I get you right - you scream about Evo being a bad program and not
being ready for "productive use"; you ask for our help to recover your
precious data; but you can't be bothered to follow instructions when
someone tries to help.  Is that a fair summary?

Well hey, I guess I'm just too lazy to help you.

Here is the advice that should have been given at the beginning: the
version of Evo you are using (2.32.3) is old and no longer supported.
If this version is supplied as part of a distro, then you will need to
go to that distros forums for support.


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