Re: [Evolution] evolution is not reliable

Hello Pete,

 thanks a lot for your advise !

But i guess I'm too lazy to follow your advise...
Could you perhaps create a shell-script that would does that automatically and would help
any other people with same problem ?

Guess you would be a hero if this script would work from scratch !

With best regards,


What was the version of Evo used when the backup was made? Is your '/home-backup' and exact copy of all the files in your original /home? Including things such as .gconf? If so, then try the following: first, make a complete copy of /home-backup and keep it somewhere (very) safe. Logout of your username and login as root. Rename your /home directory to something else, then rename your /home-backup to /home and make sure the UID of the username you login as is the same. Login as your username and your home directory should be your old one - start up Evo. Depending on the old version number, Evo may now upgrade your data to the current version. Once evo starts properly, use the Backup function to create a full backup of your data and save it to /tmp. Logout again as root - reverse the renaming of /home and /home-backup. Log in as yourself again and import your data from the file you stored in /tmp. You should now have all your data back in Evo. P. _______________________________________________ evolution-list mailing list evolution-list gnome org To change your list options or unsubscribe, visit ...

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