Re: [Evolution] evolution is not reliable

But now, after crashed harddisk and several succesless tries
to recover data from "/home-backup" I'm a bit disappointed.

I tried copying folders, created compressed backups manually,
but nothing did work !

That sort of thing is unlikely to work unless you really know the
internals of Evo - the application files are just not meant to be
manipulated by users.

So my data seemes to be lost...

Well it's not, it's still there,

If anyone knows a solution: my new versinon of evolution is 2.32.3.
I use LMDE-distrobution.

What was the version of Evo used when the backup was made?

Is your '/home-backup' and exact copy of all the files in your
original /home?  Including things such as .gconf?

If so, then try the following: first, make a complete copy
of /home-backup and keep it somewhere (very) safe.  Logout of your
username and login as root.  Rename your /home directory to something
else, then rename your /home-backup to /home and make sure the UID of
the username you login as is the same.  Login as your username and your
home directory should be your old one - start up Evo.  Depending on the
old version number, Evo may now upgrade your data to the current
version.  Once evo starts properly, use the Backup function to create a
full backup of your data and save it to /tmp.  Logout again as root -
reverse the renaming of /home and /home-backup.  Log in as yourself
again and import your data from the file you stored in /tmp.  You should
now have all your data back in Evo.


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