Re: [Evolution] Moving from evolution to evolution

If Evolution finds old style config and data files then it will attempt
to convert them into the new formats and use them.  This process can be
seen if you start Evolution from the command line.  If those files are
in the wrong place or unreadable or corrupt, then obviously Evolution is
going to find it difficult.

It would be nice to know that a command line start BEFORE attempting
the GUI start will do this - is this documented somewhere, like in a

No, you misunderstand.  The conversion takes place no matter how you
start Evo.  The conversion is triggered if Evo sees old style files
still around, and that process happens even if the conversion has
already  been attempted.  So if all your old files are still there,
start Evo from the command line and you will see some output - that may
give you a clue as to why the conversion hasn't/isn't happening.

And if you really want to isolate any mail client from this sort of
thing, then you need to store your mail on-line and use something like
IMAP to access it rather than downloading it and storing it on your
local computer.

No comment.  I like Evo better.

You can use Evo as an IMAP client - you don't have to stop using it.


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