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I believe I have discovered something.  I was digging around in the Contact list and I must have sorted on the full name field.  Since a blank field sorts to the top, I discovered that I have close to a hundred contacts with a blank full name field.  God knows why.  Must have been a bad conversion.  I think we can close this problem and I will fix these contacts.  I suspect this will fix at least part of my problem.  If I need to come back here I will.

Thank you all so much for your help.  I appreciate it.


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> Followed your directions for the address book.  Under properties my
> personal address book IS checked as default.

As Andre said, it all works fine for me on 3.2.3 - Try selecting another
address book and then switch back to the Personal one.

> I don't know what else to add except that this Contact file was
> imported from Outlook, probably as a CSV file.  Been a while, not
> sure.  I'll let you know anything else you need to know.

If you look in the Address Book, is the "Full Name" for the contact
populated and correct?


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