Re: [Evolution] Improve email search and sorting

Am Montag, den 19.09.2011, 08:16 -0400 schrieb Adam Tauno Williams:
On Thu, 2011-09-15 at 14:36 -0700, Bahadir Balban wrote:
I would like to mention that searching emails in Evolution is quite
non-intuitive. Categorizing search into Subject, address, sender, body
etc. is really a non-essential feature.


I guess you cannot judge a personal opinion.

(a) I believe "message contains" provides the search function you want.

(b) I do *not* want to search by "everything" since that only increases
the irrelevant crap found by a search.

 I remember a conversation I had
about X, how do I know if I used it in the subject or anywhere else? We
have a single search box in google, and we need the same in evolution.

Set your search to "message contains".

Does not Âmessage contains exclude the author and the subject? At least
I had the impression a lot of times.

Why should I do the work for the client to categorize first, to be able
to do search?

You do the work, just like tagging a BLOG post, so you can actually find
related stuff later in the great piles of crap that accumulate.

The question are: What the default should be? What are the system
specifications and the amount of messages the common or targeted
Evolution user has? Maybe the default should be to search everything and
only when it takes too long people should limit the fields to search.

Additionally I also do not know if an index or something is used for a
search or if that is offloaded to a different program. That also should
reduce the time to search big archives, should not it.



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