[Evolution] Email Search and sorting


I would like to mention that searching emails in Evolution is quite
non-intuitive. Categorizing search into Subject, address, sender, body
etc. is really a non-essential feature. I remember a conversation I had
about X, how do I know if I used it in the subject or anywhere else? We
have a single search box in google, and we need the same in evolution.
Why should I do the work for the client to categorize first, to be able
to do search?

Secondly, on Ubuntu 11.04 and evolution 2.32.2, my sent email seems to
be sorted by name first, and then date. Even if I click date for
sorting, I sometimes see the latest email, sometimes don't. It is highly
non-intuitive not to be able to see the latest email sent in the Sent
box. I tried everything from changing the names to be unsorted, then
sorting by date to no avail.


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