Re: [Evolution] Email Search and sorting

I would like to mention that searching emails in Evolution is quite
non-intuitive. Categorizing search into Subject, address, sender, body
etc. is really a non-essential feature. I remember a conversation I had
about X, how do I know if I used it in the subject or anywhere else? We
have a single search box in google, and we need the same in evolution.

Not everyone has the storage and CPU power available to Google on their
desktop.  Remember, that little Google search box is on a web page, not
a client, and pressing search uses the indexes and cpu power of the
servers, not your desktop.

If you want to emulate the same sort of search, just set the search to
"Message contains" - which searches the whole message, not just
restricted headers or the body. For locally cached and indexed mail it's
not too slow (bit not instantaneous); for remote mail, it can get
painfully slow.

There are lots of other desktop search tools around that can index your
mail (I would suggest Beagle, but I think that's died now), but nothing
that's integrated into Evo.


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