Re: [Evolution] Evolution stuck on a message

On Thu, 2011-09-15 at 00:14 +0200, Paul Menzel wrote:
Anyway, I am using 3.0.3- from Debian Sid/unstable too and just after
reading this thread I also experienced this issue. `top` showed over
100% in the CPU column for Xorg and the system was slow to responding.

Thanks to Svanteâs suggestion I could solve the problem by using Ctrl +
m to toggle the preview.

So it looks like a race? I attached with GDB to Evolution and issued `t
a a bt full`. Please find the output attached.

maybe it's related to this bug report [1], where changing height of the
preview panel fixed the issue of 100% CPU too, though your backtrace
seems slightly different from that in the bug.


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