[Evolution] [BUG] More and more messages not displayed in Google Mail IMAP account

Dear Evolution list,

I am using Evolution 3.0.3-2 from Debian Sid/unstable. My Google Mail
account was set up some years ago using IMAP.

Now I am experiencing the following problem. I am selecting the account
to view the message list. Strangely not the message last time viewed but
a message from some years ago (call it MA) is selected. Selecting
another message selecting a different folder/account and going back
again message MA is selected and the previously selected message is not
displayed anymore. Logging into the Web interface of Google Mail I see
that the message (luckily) does not seem to be deleted.

I cannot think of a reason for this behavior and have not experienced it
before. There was a message in the inbox having the date field set from
the future (November 2011) â let us call it MB â and I responded to that
one. This is just a stab into the dark and I do not know how to debug
it. In any case message MB is also not displayed anymore too. To
emphasize it again I did not delete these messages!

So somehow the message gets deleted (for the list(?)) and then Evolution
cannot select it when entering the inbox and selects MA.

I have not submitted a report yet wanting to know first how to debug
this and hoping to get more and quicker feedback from the list.

If someone could suggest a better subject/title I would appreciate it



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