Re: [Evolution] [BUG] More and more messages not displayed in Google Mail IMAP account

On Sun, 2011-10-16 at 16:53 +0200, Paul Menzel wrote:
I am using Evolution 3.0.3-2 from Debian Sid/unstable. My Google Mail
account was set up some years ago using IMAP.

Now I am experiencing the following problem. I am selecting the account
to view the message list. Strangely not the message last time viewed but
a message from some years ago (call it MA) is selected. Selecting
another message selecting a different folder/account and going back
again message MA is selected and the previously selected message is not
displayed anymore. Logging into the Web interface of Google Mail I see
that the message (luckily) does not seem to be deleted.

I cannot think of a reason for this behavior and have not experienced it
before. There was a message in the inbox having the date field set from
the future (November 2011) â let us call it MB â and I responded to that
one. This is just a stab into the dark and I do not know how to debug
it. In any case message MB is also not displayed anymore too. To
emphasize it again I did not delete these messages!

So somehow the message gets deleted (for the list(?)) and then Evolution
cannot select it when entering the inbox and selects MA.

it sounds to me like either some kind of filter being applied to you
folder or some kind of a folder summary corruption. When you run
evolution from a console, does it claim anything when you enter the
folder? Is the Search->Clear menu item active when you are in the
GMail's Inbox? Anything else than "All Messages" being set in the Show
combo box above the message list? What if you let evolution fetch your
IMAP information for GMail from scratch, by moving away
folder? I would rather move it away than deleting, just in case. Make
sure evolution will not be running when playing with its internal files.
        Hope that helps,

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