Re: [Evolution] How to handle unsolicited e-mails with evolution 2.32.2 ?

 bogofilter -t message.file

this will print 'Y' if it's spam, 'N' if it's not and 'U' if it's
unsure.  There are other command line options, do 'man bogofilter' to
find them.  It's not difficult finding out this information.
That´s approximately what I was searching for, but not a single mail for
a test. That wouldn´t say anything about the confidence of my data.
I was looking for kind of test data set with a known desired output, so
that I can analyze, how good my data set is already "trained".

Google for GTUBE - or look here:

Don't know if bogofilter supports GTUBE, but if it does, then the
message will be marked as spam.  (I can't put the required string in
here because no one will see it as it will be marked as spam :-) )

But anyway, just save ANY message that you know is ham and pass that
through bogofilter on the command line; similarly save a message that
you have trained it as being spam and see what happens.


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