Re: [Evolution] How to handle unsolicited e-mails with evolution 2.32.2 ?

Am Sonntag, den 27.11.2011, 11:09 +0000 schrieb Pete Biggs:
Your spam isn't being filtered, therefore it's not working.  The
How were you able to see that ?
discussion is what part of the junk filtering is failing - and there are
,,, thatÂs my question
two parts to that question: what, specifically, in your case is going
wrong; and how, in general, the FAQ needs to be improved to help other
I wouldnÂt arrogate to be helpful for other people without having my own
"simple" problem solved. In addition, I sadly am not a native speaker.
IÂm afraid my help would only be baffling the helpless lost in
translation ...

Well test it.  Run bogofilter outside of Evo with known good and bad
messages and see if it correctly classifies them.
WerenÂt we looking for whatÂs missing ? THATÂs missing (in any FAQ I
found) :-(


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