Re: [Evolution] How to handle unsolicited e-mails with evolution 2.32.2 ?

Am Sonntag, den 27.11.2011, 13:10 +0000 schrieb Pete Biggs:
Well it's fairly obvious? You've been going on for ages about it not
filtering your messages, therefore I thought it was fairly safe to
assume that, err, it wasn't working as intended.
YouÂre definitely right - if my intention on using bogofilter was right.
Sadly seems to me, all documentations IÂve found "started in the
middle". I couldnÂt find any lines about the basics of bogofilter
(otherwise IÂd known, who this Mr. Fisher is ;-)

 bogofilter -t message.file

this will print 'Y' if it's spam, 'N' if it's not and 'U' if it's
unsure.  There are other command line options, do 'man bogofilter' to
find them.  It's not difficult finding out this information.
ThatÂs approximately what I was searching for, but not a single mail for
a test. That wouldnÂt say anything about the confidence of my data.
I was looking for kind of test data set with a known desired output, so
that I can analyze, how good my data set is already "trained".
Only seeing in alldays running, that the spam-folder still remains the
same - empty, is very disappointing without knowing why ...
(as Ross Vandergrift wanted to point out, too, I assume ...)

getting on,

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