Re: [Evolution] send mail problem with evolution

On Wed, 2011-11-16 at 18:38 -0800, glennt wrote:
Thanks for the suggestions.  I can see some progress by appending port 587 to
my SMTP server name.....I can now query my server for supported login types
(in the evolution account setup menu) and get a response back showing what
types are/are not supported.  I can also telnet my server if I append port
587 to the server name.  I get a message back saying that 'this server does
not support unsolicited email requests', which is probably normal.  However,
with the port number now appended to the server name in my Evolution account
settings, the receive/send mail function still hangs up on the send, same as
ever!  No combination of other authentication options produces any changes
in behavior whatsoever.  Btw, using evolution 2.32.3 on this box.

As another check against insanity, I have another box running FC10 with
evolution 2.24.5 which I seldom use.  Cranked it up and my older email
account parameters had changed over time so I had to reconfigure the account
servers to match current problem, got it all working in a
sec!  (using my same network).  

Any other ideas, guys...I have none.

Make sure the encryption parameters are correct - port 587 is an
unencrypted port, so you will need to use something like 'starttls'.  If
your mail server supports it, it's possible to use an SSL connection to
port 465 for SMTP.

But it's worrying that your smtp server comes back with that error
message - at what stage does it say that? The "correct" response to a
connection on port 587 is to display a version banner and wait for
commands, and the first command it's expecting will be 'EHLO <client
hostname>', it should then respond with a HELO response and a list of
the capabilities of the server (that's how Evo gets the supported login
types).  Almost certainly though it will come up with such a message if
you try and send mail through the server without logging in first, and
it probably won't let you login unless the connection is encrypted in
some way.


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