Re: [Evolution] send mail problem with evolution

On Tue, 2011-11-15 at 18:44 -0800, glennt wrote:
Evolution successfully fetches my POP mail and then stops at the  SMTP
'sending mail' button resulting in no mail and the send/receive function
must then be cancelled.

Is it actually the sending of mail that is blocking or is it the tail
end of the POP receiving?  Is there a message in the Outbox waiting to
be sent?  If there is, try right clicking on the Outbox and selecting
'Flush Outbox' (if that exists in 2.32, I'm using 3.0).

 Both functions were working fine until a recent
improper shut down and forced file check on restart.  Then the sendmail
function quit. 

Do you mean sendmail itself (as in the program, not the function in
Evolution)?  Is Evolution configured to use sendmail for outgoing mail
or does it use SMTP?  If sendmail itself has died, look
in /var/log/maillog to see what it's doing.  You could also try running
a command (as root) such as 'sendmail -bp' to make sure sendmail is, in
general, working.

 Account info is correct and I cannot find any error messages
from evolution --debug=xxx or in the system logs.  Evolution file removes in
.evolution and .local/share followed by a reinstall does nothing to change
the problem.   Looks like a security or permissions problem but I cannot
determine any specifics

You could try disabling selinux - that's most often the cause of system
programs randomly stopping working!

Intel P4 3.00GH
1GB memory
Evolution 2.23.3

Are you sure that's the correct version number?  Is it actually 2.32.3?


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