Re: [Evolution] send mail problem with evolution

On Wed, 2011-11-16 at 06:26 -0800, glennt wrote: 
In reply, IMO POP mail finishes up (w/new mail in inbox) and then the send
mail starts with a very small sliver of progress on the bar...then nothing. 
Message(s) are in outbox, but go nowhere.  Flush produces same hang.

That sounds like Evolution can't make contact with the SMTP server.
Many ISPs block the standard SMTP port (port 25, mainly intended for
relaying mail already in transit) and require new mail to be submitted
on port 587.

If that's the case with your ISP you can specify the port number in the
server field of your SMTP account settings as "hostname:587".  (Later
Evolution versions split the port number into a separate field to make
this easier.)

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