Re: [Evolution] segfault on start in Debian Squeeze

On Thu, 2011-01-06 at 05:27 -0500, John A. Sullivan III wrote:
Hello, all.  I have a fresh installation of fully updated Debian
Squeeze.  It has installed Evolution 2.30.3-5.  All seemed to be
well.  I then installed barry from Debian unstable for Blackberry
synchronization.  This had nothing to do with synchronizing to
Evolution; it is strictly for tethering my Asus netbook.

Since then, Evolution segfaults on startup.  If I do evolution
--disable-eplugin, it starts.  I then tried to configure which plugins
were loaded so I could narrow down the problem but it looks like I do
not have that option when all plugins are disabled.

Sounds like your installation of barry stepped on some library used by
both apps. Given that it's unstable, this could explain the segfault.
You should try and back out the barry install (not just uninstall barry
but also any libraries it installed) and see if it fixes the issue.


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