[Evolution] segfault on start in Debian Squeeze

Hello, all.  I have a fresh installation of fully updated Debian
Squeeze.  It has installed Evolution 2.30.3-5.  All seemed to be working
well.  I then installed barry from Debian unstable for Blackberry
synchronization.  This had nothing to do with synchronizing to
Evolution; it is strictly for tethering my Asus netbook.

Since then, Evolution segfaults on startup.  If I do evolution
--disable-eplugin, it starts.  I then tried to configure which plugins
were loaded so I could narrow down the problem but it looks like I do
not have that option when all plugins are disabled.

I then uninstalled all plugin packages (plugins, experimental, rss) but
still had the same problem.  I uninstalled Evolution and reinstalled.
Same problem.  I ran an strace and, although I really don't know what
I'm looking at, mail notification and libgstreamer seem to be the
subject at hand near the segfault.  I tried running evolution
--debug=FILE but the file was empty.

I tried installing Evolution from Debian unstable but it says I already
have the most current package so I assume the are the same.  Any ideas
of what to do next? Uninstalling barry is not an option.  Thanks - John

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