Re: [Evolution] Been around the block again...

This time around, it was both...I was frustrated to no end with the
fact that every time I loose the connection to my IMAP folders Evo
proceeds to unsubscribe me to most if not all my folders but the

Are you *sure* it's Evo doing that?  Could it be your server doing it?
It sounds very unlike something that Evo would do and it's certainly not
something I have ever seen.

As far as lacking in functionality goes, I really enjoyed how granular
Claws-Mails' msg filter settings were. Also from CM the ability to pre
and post process messages is a thing of beauty. From TB, and I know
this has been mentioned many times hear but...the separation of the
SMTP settings in the accounts is a really strong feature. I realize
one can create an SMTP account but it's much "cleaner" to have a SMTP
section in the config for just that. I notice that allot because I,
like many, use a different MTA almost per network - some allow relay
but most don't anymore. So having a little section just for that is
really nice.

Isn't that why you have authenticated SMTP?  So you don't have to keep
changing SMTP servers - you just have one that allows relaying if you
are authenticated properly.

Besides, I don't see what's different between selecting an account in
the From: drop down menu and selecting a different SMTP server in
whatever config/selector Thunderbird uses.


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