Re: [Evolution] Evolution and Gmail

On Sun, 2010-10-31 at 17:54 +0000, Pete Biggs wrote:
Also you should consider the process that is necessary to delete a
message under the two schemes - for the Evo/IMAP model all you need to
do is a single "mark as deleted" operation over IMAP followed at some
later time by an expunge; for the "move to trash" paradigm you need to
do a "copy message to folder" (IMAP only has a copy operation), "mark
message as deleted in original folder", "expunge original folder".
killer is that the "expunge" operation is a time costly process, but
you don't do the expunge you will be left with lots of messages marked
for deletion in the original folder.  It may be OK if you are deleting
single message - but I often delete 100s or 1000s at a time...


To the OP: just to be clear, you can't expunge a single message in IMAP,
only an entire folder. This means that the paradigm of "delete by moving
the message to Trash" *cannot* be implemented strictly by any conforming
IMAP server, since IMAP doesn't have a "move" operation, as Pete says.
Or to be more precise, it can be done if that's the only form of
deletion you ever use (because the originating folder is being expunged
for every deletion). The beauty of the IMAP model is that undeletion
then becomes trivial: just remove the mark. You don't have to move
messages around or remember where they originally came from.


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