Re: [Evolution] Schedule a filter?

On Wed, 2010-03-10 at 10:29 -0600, Brad Doty wrote:

Yes, I am asking for a scheduler for Evolution.  Are you sure none of
the other email apps provide such a thing?  I sure thought I've been
able to do that on GroupWise long ago and Outlook in the past.  Perhaps
I am asking for too much.

I've never been aware of such a thing.  Easiest would prob be what you've
already done/has been suggested.... create a search folder that matches
messages that match your purge criteria, 
select the folder, <ctrl-a> <delete> <ctrl-e>

I suppose my problem is my email space is very limited at my new company
compared to the amount of automated mail coming in.  That's why I'd like
to purge mail after a couple of days.  But your tools require me to do

Create a filter to move the email to where there is more space.
Move it to a locally stored folder, or to an NFS mounted one, etc.

Later someone told me they were placed under Mail Accounts.  That seems
a very odd place to me.  Why not bring Filter Settings out to the main
Preferences menu?
No argument here.

So where do I find a new Search Folder I just created?
To my knowledge, it should show up under Search Folders.



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