[Evolution] Where did my Inbox go?

I'm running Evolution 2.26.1 under Ubuntu 9.4 and the contents of the Inbox is no longer being displayed. When new mail comes in a "send/receive" gives a message about mail being downloaded, but it doesn't appear in the Inbox. If I look at ~/.evolution/mail/local/Inbox the new message is there, but Evolution is not displaying it. All the other db Inbox.* files are there. Other folders are displaying their contents correctly. I even renamed the Inbox* files so that when I fetched new mail the files would be re-created, and they were. Again, ~/.evolution/mail/local/Inbox contained the new mail, the other db files were also created, but the Inbox display in evolution is still empty.

Anyone with a clue as to what might be broken, what to look for next or how to fix it?


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