[Evolution] Need help with exchange

I have some problems with Evolution while connecting/using exchange
The problems are related to the speed of retrieving emails(sometimes,
to retrieve just few emails from the server, it takes something like 30
min)and the ''Junk'' mail filter does not work properly(When you mark
an email as ''Junk'', evolution moves it to the appropriate folder.But
when you try to find/locate it evolution doesn't find it anywhere or if
it find the email there is no way to open it).

So, questions are following:

1)Is there any way to speed-up the connection with the exchange
server(something more similar to a real-time connection)?

2)Is there any difference if I use a linux server in state of the
Windows one?

3)Which should be the best configuration to fix the problem with the
junk mail filter or to configure evolution to work faster?

Tips and advices are welcome,

Thanks in advance 

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