[Evolution] Using multiple address books and multiple accounts

I've always used evolution for my mailing lists. I just switched my
"main" email from thunderbird to evolution. All my contacts and email
converted without issue which is nice. 

One problem I'm having is searching multiple address books when
composing email. I have several local address books and one that uses
ldap. How can I get evolution to search all my address books when
composing mail? Right now it seems to only search the default personal
address book. 

A second much smaller problem is this. I access a couple different pop3
accounts. In thunderbird they were kept more separate. In evolution
everything for pop3 goes under "On This Computer". Is it possible to
separate pop3 accounts? 

Why would I want this? Well in thunderbird, if I'm in the Inbox on one
of my pop3 accounts and compose new mail, it knows the right From/Reply
address to use. Right now I have to remember to select it manually. I
also like each pop3 account to have it's own structure for Inbox, Trash,
Sent, Drafts, etc. Right now I have a couple filters that handle this
and I created the structure manually. I also have an IMAP account and
that one is separated from the others. 

My evolution version is on Opensuse 11.1. Any help is


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