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On Mon, 2010-01-04 at 10:29 -0200, Sylvia SÃnchez wrote:

I don't understand your way to explain, that's why I didn't answer
your questions. 


Fair enough. I'll try to explain a different way.

There is a master record for each Contact in the Address Book.
Within that record are several individual fields, two of which deal with
the name of the Contact. The first one is called "Full Name", and 
carries the actual name of the contact. The second name field is
called "File Under", and defaults to last name first. This second
field constitutes the user's instructions as to how they wish
their Address Book to be sorted.

There are also two places in Evolution where the list of Contacts
can be seen. The first one is in the main Contacts database,
or Address Book, which is where Contacts are selected to be edited.
The second place the Address Book can be displayed is when you are
in "EDIT" (email composing) mode, and you click on the "TO:" field,
whereupon a listing of your Address Book pops up in a small window.

The primary difficulty I am experiencing is that Evo is sorting
two different ways, depending upon where the Address Book is viewed.
When I am in the main Contacts (Contact adding and editing) area,
the Contact entries are sorted as they have been requested to be
sorted - last name first. But when I access the second instance,
the pop-up that responds to the "TO:" in the "EDIT" (email composing)
mode, that window is ignoring the instruction, and displaying the
Contacts sorted on "Full Name", rather than on the "File Under" field.

The reason I am finding the lack of responses to this query so puzzling
is very simple: it seems that either nobody else has experienced
this, or that they have, and have ignored it. Does it not seem quite
unlikely that, if this is a bug in 2.28.1, nobody else would have
noticed it? Is it possible that people would actually put up with
having their Contacts incorrectly sorted every time they need to
retrieve one when composing an email?

Then as a related part of this, there are Contacts which appear in the
latter list but never show up in the main Contacts editing list.
That is also unacceptable; if for no other reason than those Contacts
which do not show on the main Contacts editing screen are therefore
no available for editing.

I really have to believe these conditions are both bugs, but I have
invested a lot of time in searching forum posts and bug lists, and have
yet to find either one. On the other hand , if they *are* bugs, why
is it that nobody else has noticed them?

I don't like mysteries. If I want mystery, I'll read Agatha Christie.
I don't need it in my email programs :-)


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