Re: [Evolution] Need help with Contacts

On Mon, 2010-08-30 at 10:28 -0700, Brewster Gillett wrote:
I tried the search list, with interesting results. Those Contacts
which are not appearing in the popup list will not return for a search,
no matter how I enter their names or addresses. What that tells me is
that the search, in this spot, is confined to only those that are 
already listed in the popup - in other words, it is not able to search
the full list of Contacts on file - only those contained in the popup.

I would be inclined to label that an oversight on the part of the
developers. Why not search the entire Contacts list?

I have a remote addressbook with 300+ contacts and few contact lists and
I can see them all in the search dialog (under the "To:" button of a
composer). Thus there is something special about your 8 contacts. We can
try to find out, as maybe it doesn't recognize the email address of the
contact for some reason. Please file a bug report about it, and mention
there what address book you are using (if I recall correctly it's under
On This Computer). It'll be better to deal with this investigation
through the bugzilla, to not bother mailing list users/readers.

With respect of "sort by File Under" in the same dialog, file another
bug report too, please. It might not be so hard to change, on the first
look, but it seems nobody requested it except of you. I agree with you
it makes sense to sort by File Under there, or maybe make an option what
to sort by? The thing is that the card view in the Contacts window sorts
by File Under, but the list view can sort by anything in the table.

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