Re: [Evolution] Need help with Contacts/Victoria/Adam

On Sun, 2010-08-29 at 07:50 -0700, Brewster Gillett wrote: 
When I initiate a "NEW" email message, and follow the instructions
in the Evo Help, as reproduced here,
"Alternately, you can click the To:, Cc:, or Bcc: buttons to get a list
of the email addresses in your contacts. Select addresses and click the
arrows to move them into the appropriate address columns."

Victoria Spagnolo wrote:

Brewster, you are not alone. I get unexpected results here as well. I
have selected over thirty address and only 6 get move to the right
side of that popup. But the next day I select all 30 and they all move
to the right side.  I've been using evo for only a few months and, for
now, I just work around it and figure that I am still learning.

Adam Tauno Williams wrote:

I just did a couple of tests and moving available addresses from the
search result to To:/CC:/BCC: seems to work as expected.


Moving available addresses from the popup to the
"To:/Cc:/Bcc:" has never failed to work for me - that isn't the problem.
I am not fully divining what the problem is that Victoria is having - 
I don't know in what part of Evo she's selecting 30 addresses at once,
as it sounds like she's saying. I thought you could only select one at a
time from the popup I'm describing. I also don't get what "right side of
that popup" means - the only movement I know of is out of the popup,
where BTW the name & address will then no longer appear, to the
appropriate "To:" or "Cc:" field. Victoria, can you explicate a bit

The problems I was describing are, (1) only 60 of my 70 Contacts
are showing up in that popup, and (2) within that popup, unlike within
the main Contacts screen, the entries are not sorted by "File under:"
but by first name.

We seem to be going around in circles a bit, here....

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