Re: [Evolution] Left (edit: RIGHT) margin annoyance with external content

On Mon, 2010-04-05 at 09:58 +0900, nomnex wrote:
On Sun, 2010-04-04 at 10:05 -0430, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:

None of my messages have a left margin, so I don't understand where
is coming from. Are you using templates?

I'm not sure what you mean by "redact" (the usual meaning of "edit
doesn't seem to make sense here). However, you might be able to get
effect you want by using the "Preformatted" entry under the format
drop-down menu in the composer.

so, the process of writing a message is called "editing out" (and not
"redact" from the verb "to redact" as "to write"). My translation was

My second error was mixing up the terms left/right. And my problem has
definitively something to do with the format menu has you suggested.

Let me reformulate my question: when I write a simple text message,
there is a *right* margin. see: 

What you call a "right margin" appears to be simply the space between
the end of line and the edge of the window. In normal text, lines in the
composer are a maximum of 70 characters. This is not configurable. It
corresponds to requirements in Internet standards documents (RFCs) on
the format of plain-text email.

When I "edit out" some some paragraphs, or when I past text from other
applications (e.g. a simple text editor), the *right* margin does not
always apply uniformly.

If you cut-and-paste from some other application, the results can vary.
That's what the Preformatted option is for (it prevents Evo from
applying its own formatting to the pasted text).

Can you explain me some definitions in the format menu:
- Normal paragraph (the way I understand it is like "Text Wrap" in
- Preformatted paragraph (the way I understand it is like "No wrap" in

See above.

- Wrap Lines (Ctl+K) (the way I understand it is "remove all the <p> or
<br> or <div> tags" of the selected paragraphs)

(Note that if the text has <br> or <div> tags, it's not plain text, it's
HTML.) I've rarely used Ctrl-K, but I seem to remember it's for
re-wrapping text that's been pasted from another app or included from a
quoted message. The wrapping would be according to Evo's criterion of 70
characters per line. I think it also respects the indentation marks of
quoted material. I've no idea what it does on HTML content.

The workaround I use so far to correct uneven pragraphs is to select
them, Ctrl+K, apply preformatted style and finally re-apply normal

Is there a way to see the message <tags> or to modify the right margin?
Also how do you insert non-breakng space <&nbsp> in a simple text
message, e.g. when you write a phone number 010 (90) 0000 0000

If it's plain text, it has no formatting codes. If it's Rich Text (i.e.
you selected one of the paragraph or list options from the drop-down
menu), it's basically a simple form of HTML, but I'm not aware of a
non-break space option unless you insert it manually. Selecting the HTML
option from the format bar gives you some additional HTML features, but
I don't see a non-break space among them.

It's important to remember that the Evo composer is not a word processor
and doesn't aspire to be one. I for one am happy with keeping it that


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