Re: [Evolution] Sig placement [Was: newbie questions]

The problem is that there are frequently circumstances under which
having my sig appear at the bottom of a long quoted message is
impractical. For example, due to my position, I am frequently forwarded
long email exchanges to which I was not originally privy. I respond to a
whole new group of recipients, leaving the entire previous discussion
untouched so that the context of what has occurred is evident. In this
situation, it makes no sense for my signature to appear after many pages
of quoted text.

A signature starts with '-- '; that marker is used by many (proper)
email programs to indicate that anything after it is a signature and so
can safely be ignored.  For instance, in Evo, when you reply to an
email, the reply will not quote anything after the sig marker.

So if you put the sig directly after your text, but before the quoted
"conversation", the next time anyone replies to it, all the text you
quoted will be lost.  Is that what you want?


ps This is just a "practical" example of why you shouldn't do it.  You
also shouldn't do it because it's horrible and nasty and ranks alongside
HTML and Word emails ... but that's a personal opinion.

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