Re: [Evolution] stability

In all seriousness though, in the last year or so, evolution
won't let me position the cursor in the middle of a
reply and hit return without making it look like my
inserted text is part of the original message... ie, it adds
a ">" at the beginning of each line so I can't interleave
my response without it looking like the original poster was
answering their own questions.  How do I fix that?  I bet I
have to reconfigure evolution. ;)  This only happens with
certain emails... these emails get a little dotted box around
the text of the original message whenever I click anywhere
in the message.  Any ideas?

Yes, it's because the email you are replying to is in HTML and the Evo
composer is having problems trying to work out where in the complexity
of the crap html that it needs to put your text.  It's usually something
to do with tables and nested div sections.

Yes, this even applies if you are replying in "plain text" - the
composer is still aware of the HTML in the original message.

As a rule of thumb - if there is a dotted box around the text, then Evo
can't put your reply into the middle of it.  If you can find a junction
between two dotted boxes, then often you can put a reply in correctly.

I believe there is new composer in the pipeline for Evo - but I don't
know if it will be any better at dealing with HTML.  The answer is, of
course for no one to use HTML in emails - but then people wouldn't be
able to have their cutesy little pictures and oh so clever formatting.


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