[Evolution] Replies to text + html e-mail [Was: stability]

I believe there is new composer in the pipeline for Evo - but I don't
know if it will be any better at dealing with HTML.  The answer is, of
course for no one to use HTML in emails - but then people wouldn't be
able to have their cutesy little pictures and oh so clever formatting.

Most people don't even use formatting, they just send the message as
multi-part because the client they are using defaults to that [Why?!

But these days @gmail.com is the worst offender - try talking to GMail
users.  Google does it that way so it must be right;  their answer is
inevitably "Why don't you just use GMail?".  In the end I'm convinced
Google will be the worst thing to ever happen to Internet "standards".
"Do no evil" - bull crap!

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