Re: [Evolution] Cannot empty trash

I do not wish the developers to take offence, but when one refers to the FAQ and the bug report mentioned therein, it goes back to 2001! Hence my shock-horror and the 'what if this was in the commercial world' scenario. How long is long enough?

In the meantime I have taken to starting evolution from the following script:

export LANG=C
#shutdown if running
evolution --force-shutdown
for each in index data cmeta; do
   find ~/.evolution/mail/local -type f -iname "*.$each" | xargs rm
rm ~/.evolution/mail/local/folders.db
evolution --component=mail

It takes a couple of seconds longer for evolution to start, but I don't mind: it solves the problem.

Though I hesitate to suggest it, since the real fix is apparently so difficult to achieve, perhaps the workaround could be built in to the app, as  a 'Delete index files on exit' item in Preferences. At least then users who aren't comfortable at the command line would not have to suffer bloating Trash folders.


On Thu, 2009-11-19 at 13:14 -0500, Robert Seward wrote:
On Wed, 2009-11-18 at 00:46 +1100, John Ross wrote:
> Let's try a little role-play... You, the developer, have created a GUI
> app that regularly corrupts its own index files. You have been told
> about the bug some time ago and done some research, now you have
> turned up to a meeting with your PM claiming to have fixed it.
Yes in this role-playing. Is the "user" a paying customer funding the
"developers" work? If so, maybe this role-playing scenario is valid. If
not, maybe the "user" needs to be patient and let the "developer" fix
the root of the problem not the symptoms of the problem.

I believe Mr Barnes has outlined an approach to fix the root of the
problems. However we must be patient reap the harvest of fruit. 

> PM: "OK what's the fix?
> Developer: "The user has to open a terminal and delete all these files
> called ~.xyzblahblah* every time it happens"
> PM: "You're not listening. That's a workaround, not a fix. You can't
> ask GUI users to run around rm'ing things! So when will you have it
> fixed?
> Developer: "But it is fixed."
> PM: "You're still not listening! What agency are you from?"
> Developer: "But... it's easy - all they need to do is..."
> PM: "Look, the files called ~.xyzblahblah* don't even exist in the
> current version, so you don't even have a workaround, let alone a fix.
> What agency?"
> Developer: "But..."
> PM: "FRIDAY, 5pm, no workarounds - a FIX!"
> John


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